Another award for the movie for Bratsigovo’s craftsman-builders at international festival

Source: Bratsigovo Municipality


The documentary movie “Builders, who put the clock back to the future” will be special guest at International film festival “Idols”, organized by Foundation for Bulgarian heritage “Peter Detev” in Sofia. The projection is in May 12 at 17.12 in Metropolitan Library.

The film tells story for Bratsigovo’s architecture and builder school, which starts Bulgarian revival and the transition from Second to Third Bulgarian Kingdom. In the same time Bulgarian National Television will broadcast the film in the series “Bulgarian’s world cities” during the eve of Bratsigovo’s traditional celebration at May 11 and 12. Just a month ago “Builders, who put the clock back to the future” won an award for documental film at International Tourist film Festival “On The East coast” in Veliko Tarnovo. The film was in competition with million other National tourist productions from tourist countries like Indonesia, Brazil, Croatia, France, Portugal…

In a few weeks “Builders” may be watched on the web site, which is known throughout the world.

Annotation: Beginning of the 16th Century. The Hordes of the Ottoman Empire are demolishing the splendid palace architecture of the invaded Bulgarian Kingdom. Four and a half centuries later, everything had to start again from scratch. The Bratsigovo builders occupied a special place in this architectural process that will change the history of the Balkan Peninsula. From dug into the ground churches to unique masterpieces like the church of the Holy Virgin in Pazardjik. This is Bratsigovo’s masters-masons work. Men, who had built in Florence and Verona, are walking with medals from Sultan. Those men protect themselves from Muslim bands with weapon in hands and enchant others with plans for building the most impressive architecture projects in the Empire. After their work starts the most bloody uprising in Europe for 19 Century- April’s uprising in Bulgaria.

One impressive story about art and revolution, told by the British actor and musician Mark Bossanyi. Movie director and scriptwriter is Stepan Polyakov, main video operator Momchil Alexandrov, composers Valeri Pastarmadzhiev and Mark Bosani, music- Siung Regime.


Translated by: Kamelia Getovska

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