Austro-Hungary against Bulgaria at Stara Zagora Station



Five Star Media Group team shot the latest scenes of

documental movie for 100th anniversary of Football team “Beroe”.

Restorations from the First World War (1916) was made from the time, when

travelled soldiers groups have organized football matches on the station in Stara Zagora.

This year is the beginning of the official football club of Stara Zagora. In the restorations

Joined  Beroe’s fan club- footballers from

teenage school of football club, as well as actors from

Stara Zagora opera house.


Only days ago, the film team returned from the triumphant visit

of Beroe in Banja Luka, where the team won Radnik Beyelina.

The start of the filming process began in April 2016.

Five Star Media Group has already shot a music video “100 Years-The World Is Beroe”. For a short time it became a sensation on the Internet.

In the video participated prominent musicians and popular personalities such as

Stoyan Yankulov-Stundji, Veselin Veselinov-Eko, Mihail Ivanov (Bivsh Safo), Polly Genova, Stanimir Gamov, Vanya Jaferovic and others. Composer is Stefan Valdobrev.

The director of the film is Stepan Polyakov, Director of photography is Momchil

Alexandrov. The premiere of the film will be on October 5th for the festival

Of the city. The World Premiere is planed for the end of the same month.


Translated by Kamelia Getovska

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