Deus Nobiscum tour continued in Russia

By FIVESTAR-ADMIN October 2, 2016

        The crew of the feature-length documentary film project Deus Nobiscum shot footage in Russia and Ukraine.

Peterhof Palace is located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. It was established by the first Russian emperor Peter I. The farmhouse in Alexandria Park / Peterhof / was a place where only special guests of the Russian Emperor Alexander II could enter. There is Alexander Batenberg staying there. This is extremely curious information, even for Peterhof’s historian specialists.

Darmstadt is a favorite vacation spot for the entire high-class European aristocracy.  Regular guests are Batenberg’s uncle, the Russian Emperor Alexander II and the Empress Maria Alexandrovna.

Just two weeks ago, Five Star Media team shot at Hailegenberg Castle, Darmstadt. There are the two graves of Alexander Batenberg’s parents.

Peterhof is inspired by the Versailles Palace, but according to many people the first one is far more glamorous than the second. During the film the viewers will be able to make a comparison.

The filming continued in the Hermitage Winter Palace. There was filmed footage of one of the most significant examples of interior architecture- the throne room of the Russian emperors. Into the film plot is included one of the most dramatic moments of Tsar Boris III’s life. In the lobby of Kiev’s opera, the young Boris sees how they kill the Prime Minister of Russia – Stolipin.

Deus Nobiscum is the most awaited and large documentary film project for 2017.

Everywhere in Western Europe, Russia and Ukraine, the theme of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom provokes interest. The reason is not only the close ties of all monarchs in Europe, including the Bulgarian ones. It’s also that this part of Europe’s history has never been narrated, as in the Deus Nobiscum project.

The film for the Third Bulgarian Kingdom covers the period 1878-1947. The project will show rulers and palaces of this time. The director of the film is Stepan Polyakov, and the main operator is Momchil Alexandrov. The photo album “Bulgaria in Brilliance” by Tosho Peikov, who is also a writer of the film, inspires the documentary project.

Among the newest partners of the project are Coburg Residence Vienna, Versailles Palace, Verona Film Commission, Schönbrunn Palace Vienna, the Church of St. Augustine “in Coburg, the St. Anton Museum in Slovakia, Heiligenberg Castle in Darmstadt, and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Moscow.


Translated by Kamelia Getovska

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